Frequently asked questions

 And a few UN-asked questions are answered here. 
  1. Do I have to be completely naked to receive massage?
    You are more than welcome to keep on whatever pieces of clothing that makes you feel more comfortable. Some people go under the sheets fully undressed; others wear underwear; and some people prefer to wear shorts, sweatpants, or even their regular street clothes. Please talk to your therapist. He or she will adapt to your needs, but please be aware that wearing more clothes can interfere with the use of certain techniques.
  2. What should I do when I feel ticklish on the massage table?
    Some people are sensitive to particular techniques, which make them feel uncomfortable and want to giggle. If that happens, your therapist may use a broader stroke or firmer pressure so it doesn't tickle. Sometimes, working through the sheets help. Be sure to tell your therapist beforehand about any sensitive or particularly ticklish areas of your body so he or she can accommodate you more effectively.
  3. Is it okay to tip? How much is a good tip?
    Since Century Massage is a Medical Massage Office, tips are not necessary. You don't think about tipping your Physical Therapist, right? We're like that. But if you're really wanting to tip your Massage Practitioner, you may do so by giving the tip directly to your Massage Practitioner, though the sessions is a Wellness session. Tip amount is up to you. Receiving tips for a medically necessary session is highly frowned upon.
  4. Massage has to hurt to do any good, right?
    Massage does not have to hurt to help. This is a common misconception about massage. Delivering an effective massage is about technique over muscle. If you are able to breathe through the discomfort, then that should be the limit. It will certainly help your session to be more enjoyable if you let us know what feels good as well as what doesn't feel good during each session to help us recognize your pain threshold.
  5. How many massage session do you think I need to fix my problem?
    I'm sorry to inform you that we as Licensed Massage Practitioners do not fix people's injuries. We are healers, therefore, we assist in your path to wellness and, sometimes, help with pain management. This should be apparent that we are not a fix-all solution. Sometimes it takes several sessions to several months to get you on your way to as good as prior to your injury.
  6. Wouldn't it be great to be getting a massage every day?
    There is such a thing as overworking the tissue. Just think how exercise is good for you, but too much is not healthy. Heck, food is good for you too, but eating way too much is also unhealthy. Massage is beneficial when done in moderation. Have at least a day or two in between massage sessions so that the body has time to adjust. Too much is just that... Too much.
  7. You have so many massage service types. Which one do I choose?
    If you are coming in for the first time and will be paying with your insurance, please choose "NEW insurance claim (Auto, Work, Medical)". If you are coming in for just a regular massage, then choose "Relaxation / Deep Tissue (Power Naps)". We will figure out what type of massage as we go through the intake process.
  8. Do I need a prescription to get a massage?
    If you are going through your auto, work, or medical insurance, then yes, even if the insurance tells you that you don't need one. Since Licensed Massage Practitioners do not diagnose, we will need the diagnosis codes that are usually provided on referral/prescription notes.
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